Malcolm Glazer 3 Strokes & You're OUT!

Database Leaked to internet

Fight for United has received a communication from a group calling themselves USC-“United Supporters for Change”.

The communication contains information providing a link to a website which has publicly identified over 400 companies, each of whom are said to be Executive members of Manchester United or providers of hospitality packages. USC allude to the list having being leaked from within Manchester United itself.

The USC group, which to the best of our knowledge appears to be a new formation of United fans, are promoting themselves as non-violent, but willing to push the boundaries of the law as they engage in peaceful protest against the Glazers.

Also contained in the communication to Love United Hate Glazer is a request that the LUHG activists do not target any named businesses on the leaked list of alleged Executive Members, as USC are hoping that those named on the list will not renew for the 2010/2011 season, we would urge all who support our cause to abide by this request.

At the time of going to press LUHG are still looking to find more information about the authenticity and accuracy of the leaked list of alleged executive members and providers of hospitality packages at Manchester United. At first glance it does seem to be genuine as there are several companies on the list that we know for a fact do have these facilities. Now, some of the said companies have already been contacted by LUHG over the course of this season and have either confirmed their non-renewal or have told us they are seriously considering giving up those facilities to support the fight against the Glazers.

The leaked list and a press statement released by “United Supporters for Change” is located on a website called "we want glazer out".

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