Malcolm Glazer 3 Strokes & You're OUT!

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Want to rid our club of the Glazers?

Want to make them realise it’s time to sell up and go?

We all know they rely on us, the supporters. But do you know how much?

A third of all Manchester United’s income comes from tickets and when you add in food and drink, car parks, programmes etc it’s nearer 40%.

Whilst our money and SAF and the shirts’ hard work has boosted profits, the debts makes the Glazers’ position perilous. Their American property business is deep in debt, they’re out of cash.

They need to take money out of the club to pay their “PIKs” and although the bond issue makes it easier, there are still financial rules they have to stick to and there’s one rule in particular that REALLY matters. They have to keep profits before transfers running at twice the cost of the bond interest to be able to take dividends out of OUR club for THEIR use.

The bond interest is £45m a year, so they need to make at least £90m each year. If they hit this target they get half of what’s left after paying the interest - £20m+ every year. If they miss it, they get no dividend. Last year the club made pre interest profits of £93m….. That £3m cushion doesn’t give much room for error.

Current season ticket holders have the only sort of power that counts for people like the Glazers – economic power.

Nobody has the right to tell our support what to do, but everyone should think about the choices they have this summer and they impact they can have.

Why not play them at their own game? Behave like the “customer” they want you to be. Why not ditch the season ticket and start to pick and choose, match by match. Buy a One United membership, buy two or three (they only cost £20), then buy the tickets YOU want, let them worry about flogging the pointless Champions League group dead rubber…

Once upon a time, a United season ticket was a special and rare commodity. You didn’t give it up. There was a time when to be season ticket holder at Old Trafford; Stretford End or Main Stand, G or J or K meant everything. It took you to Wembley, it took you to Rotterdam, it took you to Barca in 99.

And now what does it mean?

It means the club can make you buy tickets for games you don’t want to go to or you can’t go to. If you don’t want a ticket to see the reserves lose to Coventry in the League Cup that’s fine, but forget about applying for away matches.

Actually, the away match allocations get cut whilst the club does nothing. At the same time the number of season tickets has increased hugely under the Glazers with the conversion of the LMTBs and the selling of new STs when the quadrants were built. So take a typical 3,000 allocation and take off 500+ for sponsors, players and hangers on, take off as many execs as can be bothered to go to that match (not that the club would ever tell us how many away tickets go to execs), take off the loyalty pot, (the last vestige of a football club that thought it had supporters not customers and now under threat too) and split what’s left between 50,000 people. Got chubbed did you? For everything except Blackburn? So did everyone else....

And don’t expect a guaranteed Cup Final ticket either. Haven’t you heard? Those are ticket office currency to bribe executives and box holders to renew. You have to wait to see if anyone wants to take up the offer and if not then you might get “lucky” in the “second ballot”.

We can all see the number of empty seats at Old Trafford this season. We all know more and more games are going on general sale, we all get emails advertising Bayern Munich tickets on Viagogo. They’ve pushed prices too high, there’s a recession, there are spare tickets and the only good thing that brings is the power it gives us to dictate to them.

To change all this we need them out and new owners who think Manchester United is a football club and not a cash machine. There will be an offer to the Glazer family after the end of the season. We need to make sure they take it and leave.

Businessmen sell businesses when they feel they won’t do better by holding on. We can make sure that’s the case. We can make sure they have no idea when the next dividend can be taken out of United, that they can’t hit that £90m target. This isn’t busting the club (£89m of profits before interest isn’t bust). It’s keeping our money in our club.

Since the Glazers started the exploitation of our club and its supporters there has never been an alternative on the table. This summer there will be. Enough is enough. Time to take a stand.

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